Three Steps to Healing – PTSD From MY Heart

Your healing journey from PTSD to complete
health is like a three part archaeological
expedition – the same as your spiritual journey.

1) Throw out the map (surrender)
2) Excavate your soul (uncover the truth within)
3) Keep Digging (your daily practice)

Recognizing the spiritual root(s) of your PTSD opens
up a new approach to healing. You are able to turn
inward to find the place within where you can tap into
your Divine healing power. This is what I do with
people all around the world: Help them remember
and experience their own healing power within, and
support them on all three components of the journey.

You can sample my work with a series of three
healing sessions for a limited time for just (US) $6.30

You are not alone, and God has not abandoned you.
But until you start with either step 1 – or step 2 of
the expedition, you’ll find ample proof to contradict.
Perhaps it’s time to try a different approach to healing.


Ken Stone, the Soul Archaeologist