PTSD Adversity Fatigue – PTSD From My Heart

Do you feel like you’re facing a
narrowing set of options around
recovering from PTSD as time goes
by? Have your PTSD challenges continued to get bigger
and demand more of your attention?
Are you tired of dealing with this?

You’re not alone. Everyone on the
planet is going through this in one
form or another right now.

The solution: Spiritual Surrender. The two
questions I hear (and have asked
myself) are: “How do I surrender?”
And: “Isn’t there an easier way
to deal with this?”

The quick answers are: You throw
out the map. And: No, there isn’t
an easier way.

However, there is support available.
You are not alone. It will get
significantly better once you
surrender. I have personally
experienced, and repeatedly
witnessed in others, the radical
relief and life transformation that
follow surrender.

I’ll have more to say about this next
week. In the meantime, I’d like to
hear from you: What’s your big
challenge? Does it feel like one
challenge or several different issues?

I’m grateful we’re connected this way.



Ken Stone, The Soul Archaeologist