I AM for PTSD Recovery – PTSD From My Heart

I have been marinating in the energy of “I Am” in ever more
wonderful ways over the last week.  Experiencing “I Am” space is the
foundation for healing and recovering from trauma.  In fact,
this space is the place where we can start to recover from anything
that is troubling us or causing us discomfort – emotionally,
physically, or spiritually.

Sometimes I am referred to as a spiritual or energetic
healer.  The reason this label doesn’t make sense to
me is that we each have the “I Am” space within us,
and it is in the awareness and experience of this space
where healing happens.  If I do anything to facilitate
healing, it is that I facilitate an experience of this

Accessing the I Am space within you can initiate and
accelerate your recovery process as it has for so many
other people around the world.

In this vein, I wanted to share something with you
that I wrote a couple of days ago:

Underneath Everything Else: I Am

Beneath the noise of the world, the to do lists, the
obligations, the anger and the fear, the physical
and emotional pain … beneath everything, within,
is: I Am.

This is the space from which everything else springs forth.
And to be in the I Am space, is to experience oneself
before thought or images.  The visceral experience of
being whole.

This is your natural state.  And you can return to this
state at any time – indeed, you can live your life from
this state.  It is always within you.  Whatever your name,
your history, your experiences, your deeds:  Always.

I Am.

One of the gifts that I have been given is the ability
to facilitate the I Am space for others, allowing them
to remember and experience their true nature.  The
process that has come through me is called “Going Beneath
the Sand.”  This process has been utilized by others who
are recovering from PTSD for emotional and physical
challanges with powerful results.

If you would like to experience this, I would love to share it
with you.  This can happen through in private session as
well as through a self study course.

The cost for the private session package
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If you’ve been wanting to from feeling stuck with your
PTSD symptoms, to experiencing relief that will lead
to inner peace and joy, I invite you to sign up and
start feeling better right away.

I’m so grateful we’re connected in this way!!!



PS – If you have questions before you sign up, just
email me with your location including country, and we’ll
schedule a chat via phone or Skype (if you’re outside N