Feeling Stuck? PTSD – From My Heart

Are you feeling stuck? Wanting to heal and recover
from PTSD completely, once and for all, but unsure
how to move forward and feeling worn out?

You are not alone.

Every single person I talk and work with who is working
on healing from PTSD is feeling the same way.

In many cases, there’s lots of anger and fear that go
along with the feeling of overwhelm and being stuck.

There is help for you. And I’d like to offer you a free
phone consultation (Skype if you’re outside N America)
to chat about your top challenges, what you’re facing
in your life, where you’re stuck, and what you can do
to get unstuck and heal.

Email me back if you’re interested. It may take a bit to
work a time into my schedule, but I promise I’ll give you
a free consultation.

God gave me the gift to help people recover and heal
completely from horrible trauma, and I want to share
this gift with you. 12+ years in financial services and
feeling unfulfilled and stuck in my own life has given me
the inspiration to share my gifts with you. And when
you are healed, you can share your experience,
perspective, and gifts with the world too.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. Please
email me, or comment below.  You are not alone, and
you are not beyond help.

I’m grateful to be connected with you in this way.