Experience My Complete Three-Step Process Right Now, and Immediately Begin Recovering From PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Syndrome)

Transform Your PTSD Symptoms (Anger, Lack of Trust and Safety, Exhaustion, Isolation, Overwhelm, Panic, Feeling Stuck, Shame, Physical Pain, and your other symptoms) to: Safety, Connection, Love, and Joy

Dear Trauma Survivor,

My name is Ken Stone and I want to tell you about a life-altering experience of mine — one that may change your life as it has so many others around the world.

In 2007 I learned of an extraordinary ability. I learned I can energetically facilitate a space for individuals and groups where you fully experience your own internal power, grace, and joy. Your connection to the Divine. In this space you can complete the process of recovering from PTSD.

  • It doesn’t matter how skeptical you are:
  • It does matter how many other techniques, processes, or practitioners you’ve tried that haven’t worked;
  • Doesn’t matter whether you know how to meditate or not;
  • Old or young — no matter.
  • You can believe or not and you know what? You’re right! It just doesn’t matter! Irrelevant!
Whatever your current physical health, mental health, or spiritual health, you have a space inside you where you can transform your PTSD symptoms to Safety, Connection, Love, and Joy. A life free of emotional, physical, and spiritual pain. The life you were meant to live, starting right now.
I call my three-step process “Going Beneath the Sand.”

I’ve created a self study course so you can experience Going Beneath the Sand at your own pace, without waiting for an appointment with me, at a fraction of the cost of completing this process with me in private session.

On the range of western medicine to eastern medicine the work I do is at the far end of the scale beyond eastern approaches: that is, it is entirely spiritual or energetic with no physical manipulation whatsoever. This course is exclusively delivered through MP3 recordings that are available to listen online, or download. This course is complementary to whatever other treatments and therapies you’re currently engaged in. It doesn’t undo the efficacy of anything.

“I hate to meditate, but I love your stuff. I never have to do anything – it doesn’t feel like work – and every time I feel relaxed, connected, and so much more that I can’t put into words.”
Get ready to experience safety, love, and  joy

To begin recovering from PTSD, and transform your symptoms, enroll in this course now and start changing your life immediately. And experience what you’ve longed to know and experience: The Divine is flowing inside of you and experiencing this flow is the source of your inner peace and joy – your healing. It doesn’t matter what has come before in your life, what you have done to others, or what has been done to you.

You can being recovering from PTSD right now. Let me show you how.



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Recovering From PTSD Case Studies:
Karen has PTSD. She lives on the East Coast of the United States. I live in Colorado – so our session was completed via the telephone. The impetus for her session was the feeling of being stuck around a decision that she needed to make. As you may know, PTSD can cause a feeling of being “frozen – unable to make decisions about even the most basic matters.” At the end of our session she asked:

“I wonder if anything happened with my spine during today’s session?”

Her spine hadn’t been the focus of the session as we were focused on being frozen around a big decision.

The following day she emailed me:

“I went to my network chiropractor two hours after our session ended; and she said “wow, what happened – I’ve never seen your spine this straight.” Very cool. Quite a testament to the work we did!”

Let me be very clear. There’s nothing “I” could have done to make this happen. I am able to facilitate an experience where things like this happen. And so are you. There is nothing special about me, that is not also special in you. Said another way – the light that shines through me shines through you. Karen experienced this truth in our session together and that’s why she wrote about “the work we did.” Spot on.

Sue was referred to me by her psychologist who, in addition to traditional talk therapy, was also doing EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) with her.

Sue started our session by letting me know she just needed to talk for about thirty minutes to tell me what she was dealing with, and then we could do whatever I thought best. Sue proceeded to outline in detail her history of sexual abuse as a child – and the physically and verbally abusive relationships she’d been in as an adult. She was 58 years old, and really tired from dealing with the same “stuff” over and over again in her life. Although she was not in an abusive relationship at the time she saw me, the historical patterns of abuse were affecting her ability to function in her life because she felt she was constantly doing battle with the past. As she talked I could feel the core problems resonating with her words. She was ready to let go of these wounds and heal – she just needed help doing that.

For the balance of our session I worked with her to release and heal these wounds. At the conclusion of the session Sue told me she felt more free, open, and at peace than she had her entire life. All of the feelings and emotion around the abuse were gone. She expressed a deep gratitude for the experience telling me she felt as though someone had wiped the lens clean, like she had a new energy and a new perspective on her life.

Jim is a combat veteran, referred to me by a friend of his who knew about his PTSD and Jim’s ongoing challenges with a wide range of symptoms. When Jim called me, he told me he was having a hard time sleeping, his body was beat up from his most recent deployment, and his work situation was causing him a lot of stress with unresolved issues with his business partner.

During our first session, I asked him when in his life he had felt peace and connection. He said there was only one time – right after his niece was born three years earlier – when he was holding her. That was it.

After the first step in the three-step process, Jim reported felt relaxed, centered, and grounded. He felt good physically and his back and elbow pain were gone (prior to his work with me, he had been seeing chiropractors and massage therapists with no relief from pain).

At the beginning of the second session we chatted again for a while. He was sleeping well for the first time in so long he couldn’t say. His physical pain had returned – but it wasn’t as bad as it had been. And he had some anxiety again. He talked with me about the anniversary (just days away) of one of the significant sources of his PTSD:

It was the anniversary of the passing of a young man whose life he felt he could have saved if only some things had happened differently (things that he recognized were beyond his control yet he still felt responsible).

We went through the second step of the process – and on the way in – we focused on the emotional and physical symptoms associated with this young man’s death.  Within a few minutes those feelings were completely gone – both emotionally – and the response in his body.

In the third session I asked about the anniversary of the young man’s passing – and how Jim had been doing over the last week. He reported that the anniversary had passed without any excitement (it hadn’t triggered anything) and he was shocked by this result. He was still sleeping, his anxiety had stepped down a notch over the past week, and his physical pain was back but significantly less than the prior week.

We continued with step 3 of the process at a few points during our final session I focused in particular on his elbow and back (just a few minutes in each area) and as I did the pain immediately went away.

I phoned Jim several weeks after his final session and he reported his physical pain had been gone, he was sleeping well with no anxiety during the day, and his problems with his business partner were resolving.

Throughout my “Recovering From PTSD” self study online course, I facilitate these experiences through a series of recordings for you:
  • How to heal the source of your emotional and physical pain.
  • The complete three-step process for reconnecting to your inner connection and how to experience your natural inner peace and joy . I call this process “Going Beneath The Sand.”
  • How to experience joy in your life by experiencing yourself as the whole being you are.
  • How to love yourself the way the Divine loves you – no matter what has been done to you, or what you have done to others – by experiencing the divine inside yourself.
  • How to gain new powerful spiritual insights into your life, your journey, and what is blocking you from experiencing your life free of PTSD.
  • The Life You Want

  • How to have a healthier body and mind by utilizing this simple, yet profound, process that will tune your body and mind to the frequency of perfect health.
  • How to integrate this process into your life, so you can experience your life full of safety, connection, love, and joy
“Ken has one of the most beautiful and gentle souls I’ve ever known. He is like a master tuner of fine instruments with ability to energetically touch the physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies and re-tune them to the Divine perfection that they are meant to naturally be.”
Rachael Jayne Groover, Founder: The Yin Project


Rose Asks “How is What I’m Experiencing With this Recording Possible?”

I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel within for you and the opportunity to learn and grow. I simply cannot put this into words. I have been attempting to for the past five minutes and erase everything I write as it just doesn’t say what I cannot express!!

However, the movement of events in my life have been – well, things are simply clearing!

I am so grateful for the alignment I am beginning to experience and so overcome with joy as “stuff” leaves me.

Okay, I do have a question. Ken, how is it that I feel you “plug in” when I am listening to a recording?

I almost feel I could have a conversation with you soul to soul. Come on now, that’s almost eery – help me out here……

Rose Englund


The short answer is that time and space are part of the mirror – they are an illusion. Just as separation from the Divine is an illusion. Once you crack through that illusion – all the veils come down together. What’s sort of interesting to me is that it’s not dependant on “your” beliefs about it (I don’t mean you in particular – anyone). I think it has to do with my beliefs – or reaching to the truth – what is real. Since we’re dancing in the space of what is real (in a recorded session) all illusions fall away.

How does that meet with your own guidance system?

Ken – Yes, your answer sent chills through my body, followed by feelings of peace and happiness. Thanks so much!

Praise for Going Beneath The Sand:
“I think the better word for what Ken does, is “bless.” I have had some wonderful healing work done on me by some very powerful healers and Ken is, bar none, THE most powerful healing force I have ever encountered. Truly, truly amazing and miraculous! Whoa!”
Angelique Love Singer - Colorado
“I honor your work, Ken. Through your work, I have found the deepest part of me; the most beautiful part – the part I kept looking for out there.

Through Divine Connecting Breath meditations and Beneath the Sand recordings, I have “relocated” that which I seek; the alignment and connection I knew in my heart I could have each and everyday, no matter what it happening around me. Well, I found it – thanks, Ken.”

Rose Englund - Maryland

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  • Permanent online access to all components of this course (MP3’s, videos, and written resources) ($225 value).
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