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January 11, 2013
Note from Ken:

I’m thrilled you’re here to receive some powerful support on your journey of recovering from PTSD!

My name is Ken Stone. I’m a Spiritual Teacher and Healer. I have worked with a number of clients in private session who are recovering from PTSD, with wonderful results.

I’ve seen some common threads that are universal to every human being – regardless of whether you’ve been formally diagnosed with PTSD.

I originally shot this video series with a broader focus on helping individuals move past the challenges that block them from moving forward on the spiritual journey.

The same challenges are present for people recovering from PTSD. I’ve had my Recovering From PTSD website up for a long time (I have a special place in my heart from people who are recovering from trauma) – and now I want to share these powerful insights with you – to help you on your healing journey.

If at any point my language gets to “woo woo” just suspend disbelief and see what you learn. Your life can begin changing right now – I’ve seen it over and over again (with veterans of war, survivors of profound sexual abuse, natural disaster, violence, and on and on). No matter what you’ve been through – what you’ve done to others, or what’s been done to you. You can begin having a different experience of yourself right now. And I can help you do just that.

One final note: I use the term Spiritual Mastery frequently. Think of Spiritual Mastery as the doorway to open your inner healing power. Or the doorway to experiencing yourself as a child of God – or an undistorted expression of the Divine.

Not in some airy fairy way – in a very real, visceral way. A doorway that opens to a new vista and a life of calm, and inner joy, and connection.

The “work” you’ll be doing if you choose to go through this video course involves relaxing and listening to what I’m saying – perhaps closing your eyes and giving the practices I share with you a chance.

Finally I want you to know that you are not alone. God/the Divine has not abandoned you or forgotten about you. Stick with me, and you’ll experience what I’m talking about. And your life will begin to transform.