Accelerated Initial Private Session Package

On a limited basis each month, I work one-on-one with clients in private session through a process I call the Accelerated Initial Private Session Package. This solution is the most powerful approach to private one-on-one work for recovering from PTSD with me that is available. It follows the three step process that I outlined in my e-book “Recovering from PTSD: Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” The first session is a double session that is focused on the first step – clearing and alignment. The second double session is focused on step two – going beneath the sand, and the third single session is focused on step three – cleaning up. Each session is one week apart.

I work via remote connection (phone, or Skype for clients outside North America) so we can work together no matter your location in the world. Please utilize my personal email link (to the right) or phone number should you have any questions about this package – and to confirm details about scheduling.

Learn more about my three step process on the self help for PTSD self study course page where the process is outlined in greater detail.

The Accelerated Initial Session Package is $1,250 – a savings of $500. Buy Now

My single session rate is $350/50 minutes. Buy Now