Recovering from PTSD Case Studies & Abbreviated Autobiography of Ken Stone

Before Helping People Recovering From PTSD:

In August of 2007 I formally meditated for the first time at an Art of Living Foundation class (part one). At the time, I was a mortgage lender, very much a Type-A personality. My assistant at the time started calling me Zen Ken following the first class … learning to meditate had an immediate and significant impact on me. Several weeks later I attended an in-residence meditation retreat with the same organization (a part two class). In the closing hours of this class, I was going through an exercise with a fellow participant. As the process ended he got out a piece of paper and pencil (we had been in silence for 4 days) and wrote: ‘You should be working as a healer.’ I immediately started sobbing uncontrollably.

I’m 6’ 5” and quite large – I look like a football player. There is nothing subtle about my physical presence, and there was absolutely nothing subtle about my response to these words. When we came out of silence this man (Lin David Martin) gave me his phone number and suggested we chat following the retreat. We spoke several times over the coming months. He told me “You’ve done this in many lifetimes, you’ll find out that this is more natural than breathing for you.” I thought he was nuts. He turns out to have been right.

I haven’t been trained or certified in anything related to what I now do professionally. It has just unfolded and presented itself to me. About six months after Lin wrote his comment to me I was talking with my friend Warren over lunch. I told him about this new awareness and he asked if I was open to an experiment. Could I work on his wife who had just had a cat bite her thumb the previous day (she’s a veterinarian). At the time I didn’t understand how important permission is in the process of doing this type of work, and I agreed. And by then, I had learned that I had more information and was more effective when I was working with someone at a distance whether across the room or on the phone in some other part of the state or country. So I went out to my truck and sat down to work on her (she was located about 15 miles away). It was 1:40p on a Thursday afternoon. At 2p I stopped – and went back about my day. We had agreed we would talk the following day after he checked in with his wife that night to see if her thumb was feeling better – without telling her first about our conversation and experiment. He called Friday morning and told me that she said it had started feeling better around 2p the previous day, exactly when I had stopped working on her. We both laughed nervously and dismissed it. Later on that afternoon he phoned me around 4:30 and left a voicemail. Here’s my best memory of the voicemail:

“Ken – you’re not going to believe this. The Doctor called (wife’s name) earlier this afternoon and said he wanted to see her and check her into the hospital. Labs had come back from Wednesday and he was really concerned about her. We just left the doctor’s office where he unwrapped the bandage from her thumb and wigged out. Her thumb is completely healed.”

That got my attention and scared me. It was like a slap across the face with a message “this isn’t something to take lightly … and it’s real.”

The other incident early on was with someone from the in-residence meditation retreat where Lin had told me I was to be a healer. Jack called me one day to check in – we hadn’t talked in some time (as I recall this was very close to time of working on Warren’s wife). He asked how I was and I asked him if he was sitting down. I told him about the healing thing. He immediately asked me if I could find it my heart to heal him. He had blood in his semen and a bleeding ulcer. He’d been seeing a number of specialists and alternative practitioners over the previous months and no one had been able to help him or even understand the source of these problems other than the obvious. I was having this conversation with him in my mortgage office at the time and we agreed I would work on him immediately. He didn’t want to be on the phone so we set a time limit: I would run down to my truck and work on him for 20 minutes and he would go out to his lake where he lived and meditate. I did my thing, he did his.

A few days later I called and it ended up taking more than two weeks for us to connect. I was pretty nervous by the time we talked since I hadn’t heard back from him despite multiple calls and I didn’t know how he was doing.

Jack told me that he was having a really hard time talking about the experience. But he was able to tell me that it was the deepest spiritual experience of his life (he was in his late 50’s at the time and had been involved with a number of spiritual groups for the prior 20 or 30 years) and that his symptoms all cleared up within 24 hours of the session.

Another slap in the face. More awareness that this wasn’t a joke or something to play with, or dismiss.

Over the next 15 or 16 months I really struggled with this gift. I hadn’t asked for it specifically – though for the 6 months prior to Lin’s pronouncement I had been asking during visualization exercises from Charles Haanel’s book The Master Key System “what is my purpose?” Be careful what you ask for!

Working with People Recovering From PTSD

As I became more comfortable with this ability, and as I started working with people in distant locations (early on in Thailand and the UK) and with many different challenges, physical and emotional pain as well as life situation challenges, I became more and more confident with what was happening. I also started getting very specific information. A breathing technique that I’ll share with you through my free e-book (sign up to the right) that thousands of people around the world have used to find a new peace within. A picture of how everything fits together and explains the work that I’ve been doing. A piece here – an insight there.

In the fall of 2010 I had a picture come in during a session. It showed me how everything works and explained the work that I’d been doing to that point. It explained what happened with Warren’s wife’s thumb, and with Jack, and why his experience was the “most spiritual of his life.” It explained Sue’s experiences in recovering from her sexual abuse so quickly and completely and Jim’s complete process of recovering from PTSD from his deployment including his anxiety, inability to sleep, anger, panic, and anxiety around the anniversary of the young man’s passing – and his business partnership resolving itself (learn more about these PTSD case studies). It explained some of the “how” and much more of the “why” for the many people I have worked with all over the world. You could think of it as a new cosmology but more important to me, it showed me how to begin teaching people how to do for themselves, what I had been doing for them for some time. And in the interim I’ve done just that. First in private session, and then in group session via webcast around the world, now on video and with audio recordings in the form of a self study course. When I say that I have developed this process, what I really mean to say is that I this has been shown to me – and I would like to share it with you.

On the range of western medicine to eastern medicine the work I do is at the far end of the scale beyond eastern approaches, that is, it is entirely spiritual or energetic with no physical manipulation whatsoever. It does not involve any touching there are no needles, nothing is ingested. It is complementary to whatever other treatments and therapies you’re currently engaged in. It doesn’t undo the efficacy of anything. What I facilitate is simply about having the experience of who you really are. I can do this with you via a recording – or live.

One-on-one or in a group. In person, on the phone, or via webcast. It is not directed with words – though words can help you understand how to do it for yourself. God gave me a gift and I want to share it with you. Share with you the truth about who you are. What it means to be a “child of god.” Not just conceptually – but practically. So you can learn a process that will help you heal yourself and change your life.

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